Food Porn Detroit

"Don't Just Live Life...

Taste Life"

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About Food Porn Detroit


Food Porn Detroit, is Detroit’s most reputable food connoisseur. He grew up in Chicago with an interest in hip hop music and moved to Detroit. For the next few years, Food Porn Detroit traveled from city to city working for different hip hop radio stations. It was on a trip to California where his passion to become the ultimate food enthusiast ignited. He moved back to Detroit and worked in the jewelry business while he built his brand with the slogan

“Don’t Just Live Life... Taste Life”. The “Food Porn Detroit” movement was born. Food Porn Detroit is no food critic, nor is he a Michelin star rated chef. He is a restauranteur, a food Rolodex and the mastermind behind a massive movement. After five years in the industry, Food Porn Detroit has gained a large following, a superior reputation, and formed relationships with most local restaurant owners and managers. By whom, he is respected and identified as a true expert in and around the Metro Detroit area. He is able to flood an independent, family-owned restaurant with customers by pinpointing specific dishes. His opinion is trusted and his word is bond. With an incredible number of restaurants behind him, his larger then life personality and his slogan which he lives by,

Food Porn Detroit is one of Detroit’s Finest!


Food Porn Detroit

"Don't Just Live Life...

Taste Life!"

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